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The Top Four Reasons to Give Massage on Mother's Day

Why giving the gift of massage on Mothers Day means so much!

Mothers Day is a touching way to celebrate our Mothers, Grandmothers and important women in our life.

Giving a massage gift certificate during this special time, is a way of saying you care and wish the best for someone. It’s your special way of telling them, “You deserve a break. You deserve to relax. You deserve to be healthy and happy.”

You don’t have to know what style of clothing or type of music someone likes. You don’t have to know what genre of movie they enjoy. You don’t have to know what sort of books they read (or if they read books at all). A massage is a universal gift of caring. Indeed – your recipient will welcome and remember the thoughtfulness of your gift.

Here are the top 4 reasons to give a massage gift certificate at this special time

1. A massage gives the receiver permission to indulge, relax and feel appreciated. Mothers certainly know the importance of taking care of others. But we often don’t take the time to take care of ourselves because we are busy taking care of others. Sometimes, we don’t feel like we are allowed to really pamper ourselves. A gift of massage takes the pressure off of us and gives permission for total relaxation.

2. A massage can transform a person’s life. We see it every day, whether it is relief from pain or an injury or simply the need to unwind and relax for an hour. Clients can leave a session understanding what it means to relax in a way they have never understood

3. A gift certificate for massage is a gift that is appropriate for almost all types of relationships, your mother, your wife, your grandmother, your best friend. A new mother that you know and appreciate.

4. A gift from Ntouch can be used anytime and assures your recipient of an excellent session by the areas most gifted massage therapist. Our therapist are absolutely among the very top therapist teams in the state.

We promise, you will feel great about the gift you are giving, but more importantly your special recipient will feel blessed, grateful and important.

Have a great week and keep “all” the mothers in your life in your thoughts!

Gwen Wright

Ntouch llc

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