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Chocolate is Over Rated...Give Massage for Valentines Day


Valentines Day is a one of our favorite holidays. And why not? It is a day to say, “I love you” or show your appreciation to those closest in your life. Maybe with chocolates, roses, dinner, or a card. Instead considering giving the gift of health, fitness and relaxation. A great gift on that special day, and a promise they will remember and appreciate the gift once they complete their appointment.

Check out the Ntouch Valentines Day Spa Specials which is always popular. We offer a wide variety of options from simple 60 or 90 minute massage sessions, to the always popular Hot Stone Massage. Want something a little more personal? Try our massage with facial or a 60 or 90 minute couples massage.

Valentine’s Day has been around for a long time. The first known Valentine was sent in the year 1415! It was sent by the Duke of Orleans to his French wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. The Valentine is still on display in a museum in England! In the 17th century, on the eve of Valentines Day, hopeful maidens would eat hard boiled eggs and pin 5 bay leaves to their pillows in hopes to dream about their future husbands and did you know that the Italian city of Verona where Shakespear’s Romeo & Juliet lived has been receiving for 100’s of years 1,000’s of Valentines addressed to Juliet on Valentines Day!

Whatever you decide to do to recognize this special holiday with those closest to you, do it with love.


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