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30 Minute Massage

For those of you who need to relieve stress, a 30 minute massage is an excellent introduction into the art of massage. Thanks to one of our professionally licenced therapists, you’ll instantly feel lighter as they remove the tension from your muscles. At $50, it’s a very affordable way to look after both your physical and mental health.

60 Minute Massage

It’s easy to assume that this is the same as the 30 minute massage only it lasts longer. Well, you do get more time with a 60 minute session; however, that isn’t the only difference. Again, one of our licenced therapists will guide you through the process, but this time you get to choose the type of massage. We offer a variety, from a standard stress relief option to a therapeutic, deep tissue, Swedish, sports or medical specific session.

60 Minute Couple Massage

Let’s face it - you probably know more than one person who needs to let off steam. With our Couple Massage option, you and a friend or loved one can get rid of your aches and pains together. Like the standard 60 minute massage, you get to pick the type of session, the only difference being there will be a friendly face laying next to you. Or not because we offer separate private rooms if you prefer.

60 Minute Massage & Facial

If a massage isn’t enough, you can include a facial to exfoliate your skin and leave you with a luxurious glow. At $115, it’s a mere $25 more than a regular 60 minute session, which is a bargain. Please make sure you leave enough time (90 minutes) for the full treatment. 

90 Minute Massage

Sometimes, one hour isn’t enough to eliminate all the knots that build-up due to the rigors of a busy lifestyle. If you need an extended period on the massage table, our 90 minute option at $135 is perfect. You leave the treatment room feeling as if your factory settings have been restored.

90 Minute Couple Massage

Choose our 90 minute couple massage if you want to experience an extended session yet don’t want to do it alone. It also makes an excellent gift for a loved one. The cost is $270.

90 Minute Massage & Facial

Do you have two hours to spare to take care of all of your body’s needs? Good, because that’s all the time it takes one of our therapists to perform a 90 minute massage and a facial. At $160, it’s two hours well spent.

Hot Stone Massage

Our most requested package is a Heavenly Hot Stone Massage. Why? It’s because the stones loosen up the muscles more and allow a therapist to get into places previously unexplored. This allows for a deeper and more relaxing session than ever before.

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