Massage & OKC Spa Offerings
Infrared Dry Sauna
Enjoy a slow warm up in our state of the art dry sauna before or after your session. Our OKC Spa Helps to decrease stress levels, improve blood circulation and soothe the skin. The infrared heat helps to tone and detoxify the skin, rejuvenating the elasticity and appearance.

Foot Scrubs 
Herbal or Peppermint - The perfect way to exfoliate and repair dry skin. Herbal treatments at NTouch LLC OKC Spa refreshes and hydrates tired feet. Peppermint is an invigorating scent that draws blood to the surface and creates a refreshing tingle.

NTouch OKC Spa offers therapeutic massage therapy to Oklahoma City and Edmond. Oklahoma residents.  Ntouch Medical massages specializes in advanced body work.  Our OKC Spa is more than a traditional massage, we are pain specialist. Our clients speak volumes about our massage services:

"What a wonderful local business. This is not like most massage locations, they offer a lot more professional services including acupuncture and deep tissue therapy. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Optionally they offer a couples massage room where you and your spouse or friend can get a massage together in the same room by two different people. The aroma of this location is enough to make you come back. Ntouch is a must for when you need a massage. They are easily found just off Memorial Rd."

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